Silhouette portraits are symbolic of family, celebration and an era of elegance, and simpler times

At first you may find this not much different than most blogs. But if you read on, you will join me on my journey which includes my family, places I visit, and people I meet. I am very grateful to share my art and consider it an honor to give something to people who have never seen how a silhouette is created or even had their silhouette done before. I love hearing the stories of those who may have posed for a silhouette years ago, at their elementary school, fair, or an amusement park. Some have shared, they still have their silhouette framed and hanging on their wall at home or their mom's wall. Others say it's in a scrapbook or put away in a box. What amazes me, is these stories always come from a good place and people cherish them and hold on to them for many years.
Silhouette art is unique and fun.