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At first you may find this not much different than most blogs. But if you read on you will share my journey of joys, frustrations and wonderment in my experiences of what silhouette art has brought me and will bring to me. I may not be super famous in general or in the silhouette world of art. Being famous is not my goal. However, I do appreciate and value silhouette profile art and mainly the people I meet along the way. Come along with me on my journey, and the world of a silhouette artist....

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Happy Birthday Frankie! Two years ago this little canine literally crossed my path in Stockton, CA She was injured, dirty, thirsty, starving, and covered in fleas. After, many efforts to do "the right thing", which was a fruitless effort and waste of time. I decided to spare her and bring her home with me to SoCal to mend her back to health. So, on this day September 13th, we celebrate her little life. Unofficially she is 2 years old today. She's a blessing and a joy to share life with her. We love you Frankie @champagne_____puppi #corgi #corgi-mix #streetdog #frankenstein #frankeldot #frankiebaby #franksalot #frankles #dog #twoyearsold #happybirthday #celebrate #doggylife #puppy #puppylove

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Being a silhouette artist and specializing in private events can take me to many locations outside the LA/OC and San Diego areas. I was in Lodi for a wedding on Sat. September 12, 2015. Before heading home on Sunday morning, I stopped in Stockton for breakfast. After breakfast, I thought it would be nice to take a walk along the river that runs through downtown Stockton. I was disappointed, since finding a path near the river was impossible. I must have driven up and down the same street about four  times looking for a decent place to stop, park and walk over towards the river. Instead, I encountered a very run down industrial area and just about given up and start on the long drive ahead towards LA.

My daughter Jasmine, who was with me, saw a little dog running down the street going in the opposite direction. She suddenly yelled out "Oh my God, there's a dog running down the street and it's hurt!". "He looks like he's starving, his bones are sticking out!". I made a quick u-turn, pulled over and tried to take a look at the dog.  We were concerned the dog would run out into the street and get hit by a car since the traffic going down the street was at a very fast rate of speed.

Jasmine, jumped out of the car with a bottle of water and gave it to the little dog. The dog quickly gulped down two bottles of water. We were shocked at how fast she drank both of them. We had a can of chicken in the car, we opened it and offered it to the lost little dog. After wolfing that down, the dog surrendered herself and laid her body down on Jasmine's lap and placed her little head on her shoulder. We just looked at each other and didn't know just yet what we were going to do next.

Stunned at the dog's reaction after our efforts to nourish it. My first thought was, this dog is going to drink some water and run away from fear. As we began to inspect her little body, it was obvious this little dog had been neglected and on the streets awhile. Not only was she starving and limping, she had several open wounds on her head and body. The worst one was on her neck which appeared to have been from an embedded collar. Not pretty.

Covered in dirt and fleas, we picked her up and put her in the backseat of the car. We had a hand towel with us and carefully wrapped it and gently tied it around her neck, her wound was oozing and we wanted to prevent it from further injury.

I proceeded to call Stockton's animal control to drop her off there. All I got was a voicemail with business hours and they are closed on Sundays, a dead end. I persisted and found a pet rescue outside of Stockton. I drove to the rescue center and the front gates were locked. They too are closed on Sundays. I got out of the car and from the gate, I tried to find a caretaker

I saw someone working there and flagged him down, he approached me and the worker said they were full and asked me to please don't leave the dog outside the gate. I was trying to help the dog and leaving her at outside the gate was not an option. I told him, I was from out of town and I would be taking her with me to SoCal as I was not going to be in the area on Monday. The guy waved goodbye to me, another dead end and a couple of hours later I leave Stockton and start my long drive home with an injured stray doggy.

I guess this little dog's life was destined to be spared. She crossed my path and became a part of my family. A miracle, so to speak. She's full of life, love, energy and gratefulness. I too am grateful to have her around.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017

30th Birthday Celebration for Sebastian in Riverside, CA. September 2, 2017 #sylhouettesbysylvia #birthday #friends #family #celebrate #papercut #portraits #scissorsandpaper #silhouette #unique #keepsake #privateevents

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Today Sebastian celebrated his 30th Birthday with his family and long-time friends from high school. Every single on of his guests spoke highly of Sebastian and several of his buddies told me he was their best man at their weddings. The best man of 5 weddings and each one of them, friends since high school.  Long time friends are truly  a blessing.
Not only is he entering a new decade of life, he also was celebrating the purchase of a beautiful home in Riverside. Purchasing a home is living out the American Dream, and to purchase a first home in California at 30 is not an easy thing to accomplish, Happy Birthday and Congratulations  Sebastian!! Wishing you many more years of many blessings of health, happiness and abundance.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Mirror Lake Yosemite, CA #summer2017 #familyvacay #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #nationalparks #travel #nature #hikingtrail

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Yosemite is one of my favorite places on this planet. Yes, even with the crowds of tourists from all around the world and the BEARS that roam around in their natural habitat.

Yosemite is beautiful and a wonderful place to visit. My first visit to the valley was twenty years ago and I have since made many more visits to which my family has created some of my most fondest memories.

Hundreds of trails to hike, lakes, rivers and waterfalls to cool off in or just stare at in awe of their natural beauty. And, even learn the history that lives between the granite walls is so much to appreciate.

Mirror Lake is a short walk to  enjoy a little bit of paradise. The lake was low but not too low to enjoy the reflection of half dome and it's surroundings. There was enough water for visitors to jump off the rock and swim in the crispy cold water. I took my shoes off and walked on the sandy bottom of the lake. It felt so refreshingly cold. And best of all, it was peaceful at the lake. Oh so peaceful! I didn't want to leave this little piece of paradise.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Skies in Yosemite Valley Fires nearby have the skies dark, gray, smokey and filled with fallen ash. #yosemite #valley #nationalparkservice #nps #redsun #smokey #fires #ash

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Several fires burning outside of the valley brought smoke and ash filled the skies. The dark dramatic gray skies and red sun filtered by the smoke made my visit even better. Witnessing nature endure and thrive from the fires made me realize how important it is for our planet to renew itself.

I look forward to my next visit. As much as I enjoyed this smokey trip to the valley, I hope I can see the blue sky and vast clear views that I have  come to appreciate and love.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

I love it when my host/client is creative displaying silhouettes. Pinned silhouettes to the branches #birthdayparty #glendale #summer2017 #silhouettes #sylhouettesbysylvia #paperpics #liveartist #privateevents #handcutportraits #paperandscissors #contactme #casaadobe

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This birthday party was one of the cutest rustic parties I have been to in a while. The birthday party venue was at  Catalina Verdugo Adobe Park, a gem hidden in a residential area of Verdugo Hills in Glendale. Historical to the local area where remnants of the "Oak of Peace" remain. When I arrived, I couldn't help but noticed the gate to to the long driveway. I thought it was a private home nestled beyond the trees and foilage. It actually is a home, an adobe home built in 1828 and preserved for the public to enjoy the 1.3 acre property.
Back to the party, a fountain is  the centerpiece with picnic tables surrounding it. Yellows  daisies decorated tables, a bubble machine placed near the fountain filled the picnic area with bubbles, added to the setting of a peaceful Sunday afternoon picnic.
The host decorated and hung silhouettes in the trees with tiny clothespins. Which topped off the perfect backdrop for this lovely Sunday afternoon birthday party.

Friday, August 18, 2017

State Capitol Boise, Idaho. Not staying for the eclipse😣 #travel #summer2017 #visit #statecapitol #boise #idaho #nofilter

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First time in Boise, Idaho. My  adventures over the last 16 months have taken me to more than a few state capitols. My bucket list might include visiting the other 45 (it might be one or two less) state Capitol buildings.

Boise, seems to have a relaxed vibe. No traffic, no smog, no crazy drivers, no homeless on the streets (they could be there), wide open spaces and clean. I didn't venture out much and my stay was too short. Wish I could've stayed a few more days to experience the full eclipse of the sun on 8.21.18. Oh well... another time maybe.