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At first you may find this not much different than most blogs. But if you read on you will share my journey of joys, frustrations and wonderment in my experiences of what silhouette art has brought me and will bring to me. I may not be super famous in general or in the silhouette world of art. Being famous is not my goal. However, I do appreciate and value silhouette profile art and mainly the people I meet along the way. Come along with me on my journey, and the world of a silhouette artist....

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Congratulations Luke #6thgrade #promotion #graduation #gators # GoldenHillElementary

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My oldest grandson Luke promotes from 6th grade today. He is a GATE student and is a pretty smart kid. He is shaking the hand of his Assistant Principal. Congratulations Luke. I was happy to be at your promotion today.

Waiting for Grandson #1 Luke's 6th grade promotion to start #GoldenHill #6thgrade #gators #promotion #graduation

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Downey HS Prom 2016 #californiasciencecenter #expositionpark #losangeles #annenberg #Prom #et94

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Prom season is here. Tonight we are at the Wallis Annenberg Hall at Exposition Park Los Angeles. The building is located near the California Science Center which is where ET94 (external tank 94) will reside permanently. ET94 made it's final journey today to Los AngelesSpace Shuttle ET94- Journey to California Science Center

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Paying our respects to Prince at Paisley Park, Minnesota. RIP Purple Prince #Prince #purplerain #paisleypark #minneapolis #dearlybeloved

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Today is technically the last full day in Minnesota. After taking a beautiful hike at Minnehaha Creek we stopped by Paisley Park to pay our final respects to Prince. It was a beautiful tribute to Prince to see so many purple colored balloons, flowers, art, trinkets, spaghetti, o.j. and so much more. RIP Prince, Thank you for sharing your musical talents with the world. More photos to follow.

Mississippi River Minnehaha Creek #minnesotaroadtrip2016 #Minnesota #minneapolis #mississippiriver #minnehaha #sundayafternoon #walk #riverbed

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mall of America Minnesota Biggest mall ever! Amusement park with rollercoasters right in the middle of the mall. #mallofamerica #rollercoaster #minnesota #mall #amusementpark #amusement #shopping #attractions #biggestmall #america

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This is a pretty big mall. Initially when I walked into the mall it didn't really impress me as it looked and felt like just about any other mall I have been to. Actually the mall reminded me of my local mall in Brea, CA. We turned the corner and ta-daa! An amusement park right smack dab in the center of a mall. Pretty impressive since the ceiling is made of glass and you can get the full affects of feeling like your outdoors, except you are in a climate controlled building.The sun shined brightly during the day through the glass ceiling and as it got dark, I actually felt like I was enjoying a beautiful cool evening walk outside. Even though it was about 40 degrees outside, you wouldn't have guessed it. 

Minnesota State Capitol St. Paul, Minnesota Looks like the Capitol is being renovated. Can't wait to come back and see this building when it's done. #minnesotaroadtrip2016 #statecapitol #capitol #minnesota #stpaul #renovation

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Well, St. Paul, Minnesota... your capitol building is not so beautiful right now. After visiting two capitol buildings, one in Denver, CO and the other in  Iowa, this was not very impressive. I hope to come back when this renovation is done to see how nice it will look.